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Avoiding disadvantages abroad
In a new country diarrhea can ruin the rest of your vacation. Minimize complications and dehydration

Traveler’s diarrhea is the most prevalent disease among the tourists and it affects between 20 and 50% of them in the world. This disease has unpleasant symptoms, sources of dehydration. It usually lasts not very long since the majority of cases are resolved after 5 days. The causes of the disease are first bacteriological: most people are infected after drinking contaminated water.

If you plan to travel abroad, you must be guarded against traveler’s diarrhea by the pack against diarrhea which is available at our service. If your trip is imminent, you can enjoy next day delivery of your order, allowing you to leave with your medicine. By buying the pack against traveler’s diarrhea, you’ll travel easy knowing that you are traveling with an effective and appropriate treatment.

Diarrhoea Pack contains four medications against the traveler’s diarrhea to help reduce the symptoms of this infection. The Ciproxin is an antibiotic that can significantly reduce the duration of the disease. The Imodium is a drug that helps treat diarrhea. The Buccastem helps prevent nausea and vomiting. The pack contains last Dioralyte sachets that help rehydrate your body.
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Symptoms of Montezuma

The majority of travelers who get this disease, have it in the first night of their stay. Symptoms typically include diarrhea, cramps, fever, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

Although these symptoms are uncomfortable, the disease usually takes no more than 5 days. Antibiotics against traveler’s diarrhea can shorten it. It is extremely rare for a diarrhea lasts over a month and this happens when the cause is not bacterial.

Where am I exposed to risk?

Although traveler’s risk is present in many locations, some countries are more exposed. This is due to poor hygiene conditions. You’re more likely to have diarrhea in Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, Africa and South America.

The treatment will be effective against traveler’s for all these destinations.

How can I protect myself against traveler’s diarrhea?

While it is not possible to be vaccinated against Montezuma, there are instructions you can follow before and after your stay to reduce risk. You can take pro-biotic before your trip, which will help your intestinal flora to adapt to changes that occur when you eat foreign food.

In most cases, the traveler’s diarrhea is contracted after drinking contaminated water. It is advisable to pay special attention to water you consume abroad. If you are not sure that the water is perfectly drinkable, do not drink it. You should also keep this in mind when you eat ice or when you eat fruit or salad. To avoid drinking contaminated water, it is important to drink filtered water.

Be sure to eat food that is prepared in good conditions. Never forget to wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.

Can I buy the pack against traveler’s diarrhea in UK?

You can buy traveler’s pack against diarrhea via our service here before your trip. A simple online consultation will allow you to place the order. This online consultation will be conducted by one of our doctors who will ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. Once the consultation is validated, the drugs will be prescribed for you that will be shipped by our accredited pharmacy for delivery the next day.