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What is Tamiflu?

Tamiflu, also known as oseltamivir, is the most prescribed oral medication for treating and preventing flu. Treatment can relieve symptoms such as weakness, cough, headache, fever and sore throat. Tamiflu can also be used to prevent the outbreak of the flu if you have been near someone who has the infection. People using Tamiflu may expedite the processing of one to two days.

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What are the benefits of Tamiflu?

Tamiflu is the most prescribed antiviral flu treatment in the UK, and is most effective when taken within two days after the infection has broken out. The treatment helps prevent the virus from spreading in the body, which forks grace the treatment process and provide relief of symptoms. Tamiflu can also prevent an outbreak of flu if you have been near someone who is suffering from the disease. On average Tamiflu reduces the duration of symptoms by one and a half days.

How does Tamiflu?

The main ingredient in Tamiflu is oseltamivir, which inhibit neuraminidaseenzymene of influenza virus. These enzymes help the virus to enter uninfected cells and spread in the body. By preventing the virus from spreading, the body is better able to fight the virus and provide relief from many unpleasant symptoms.

Who can buy Tamiflu online?

Tamiflu is suitable for both adults and children (one year and up) and should be taken within two days after you begin to notice symptoms. Tamiflu is also approved for use in emergency cases of children under one year. The recommended dose for the treatment of adults is 75 mg twice daily, taken for five days. Children should be treated with 30 to 75 mg twice daily, depending on body weight.

Who should not buy Tamiflu online?

Before you buy Tamiflu online or starting treatment, you should inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of stoffents components. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant soon, you should not take Tamiflu without consulting your doctor, because Tamiflu may pass into breast milk. If you suffer from any of the following disorders, you should inform your doctor before you begin treatment:

  • Kidney Ailments
  • Heart Problems
  • Viral infections, in addition to influenza A / B
  • Liver Diseases
  • Lung Problems

What are the side effects?

People who go to Tamiflu in some instances may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache and dizziness. These side effects are not common and usually disappear within a few days.

How can I buy Tamiflu online?

You can buy Tamiflu online in UK in our service. We provide a safe and secure booking process that includes a short on-line consultation. This means a couple of short, medical issues, which will be controlled by one of our doctors. If you are likely to go to treatment, the doctor will issue a prescription. Next, our pharmacies send the treatment to deliver overnight.

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