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Bacterial vaginosis (VB) is a very common vaginal infection that affects only women. This infection is caused by bacteria known as vaginitis or gardnerella vaginalis and is considered a sexually transmitted disease because it originates from a combination of bacteria in the vagina undermine following unprotected sex.

Bacterial vaginosis, according to statistics, is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases in sexually active women. However, bacterial vaginosis is often underestimated, despite being considered one of the most insidious and dangerous sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, bacterial vaginosis, if left untreated, results in continuous relapse and increases the risk of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases or uterine infections.

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Metronidazole is an antibiotic indicated for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and Trichomonas vaginalis. Metronidazole is available in 400mg tablets. Clinical studies have shown that often taking one tablet of metronidazole, depending on the extent of bacterial infection, is sufficient to treat the infection completely.

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Bacterial vaginosis: feminine infection

Bacterial vaginosis or vaginitis, or gardnerella vaginalis, is a disease that occurs only in women, especially those who are sexually active, while the men are not involved at all. Vaginosis in women is responsible for altering the vaginal ecosystem, in which bacteria tend to proliferate excessively, resulting in a very annoying and sometimes painful symptoms.

Causes of bacterial vaginosis

Even today, certain causes of bacterial vaginosis are being studied, so the experts have only speculate on the basis of the experiences reported by many women affected by gardnerella vaginalis.

The main cause of bacterial vaginosis appears to be the bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis, which proliferated in the vagina, gives rise to altered vaginal ecosystem. Recent studies have shown that bacterial vaginosis can also be caused by a number of factors linked with each other and encourage aggression by the bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis.

In fact, among the risk factors predisposing to bacterial vaginosis there are poor hygiene, unprotected sexual intercourse, the use of aggressive detergents and soaps, the frequent use of antibiotics and the use of the spiral as a method of contraception.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a very annoying disease. Among the most common symptoms of vaginitis are: bad vaginal odor, vaginal discharge (often whitish and pasty) and itching or burning in the vaginal area. However, unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial vaginosis occurs internally to the vaginal walls and for this reason in some cases is not immediately obvious.

Consequences of bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a disease often overlooked but easily treatable. However, the bacterium responsible for bacterial vaginosis Gardnerella vaginalis, if not treated properly, can lead to risky consequences and complications for the woman’s health. That’s why it is very important to promptly diagnose and treat bacterial vaginosis by specific antibiotic therapies that prevent, among other things, the occurrence of relapses.

Among the major consequences of untreated bacterial vaginosis there are risks of continual recurrence, inflammation of the cervix, pelvic inflammatory disease to a chronic and increased risk of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases. In pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis can cause premature birth, and instead of a risk of impairment of health of the unborn.

How to treat bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis, especially if treated promptly, can be found by means of a resolution based on metronidazole antibiotic therapy, a prescription drug among the most effective in eradicating the bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis and preventing continual relapse.

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