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Your period may occur at the worst time
Do not ruin more events that really matter. Delay your period until two weeks with Norethisterone.

The anxiety of not being able to enjoy holidays at the seaside or to celebrate an event is no longer a problem with the hormone delay treatment. It was designed to allow women to have greater control over their cycles, source of comfort.

The treatment will adjust the hormone levels in the body so that period do not fire. So you can enjoy a few days of tranquility and enjoy a special event needing to delay menstruation. Once you’re ready to have your period, you can stop the treatment and resume a normal cycle.

our service only works with licensed doctors and pharmacies. When you opt for hormone treatment to delay period, we ask you to answer a medical questionnaire. This process allows our doctor to ensure that the hormonal treatment that you ordered is safe for you.


The Norethisterone 5mg is a prescription hormone whose role is to delay period. The treatment will adjust the hormone levels in the body, so that the uterus does not release the mucous membranes causing menstrual bleeding, in order that you can enjoy a special event without being inconvenienced by menstruation.
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Is it dangerous to delay your period?

Hormone therapy to delay its period is not dangerous if you follow your doctor’s advice and explanatory notes. Hormone therapy should not take several months later and should not be a solution for not having her period in the long run.

How long can I delay my period?

It is inadvisable to seek to delay period beyond two weeks. For your safety and health, it is advisable to shift period for few days. Women taking combined contraceptives like the pill, the contraceptive ring or patch should simply chain the two pill packets and delay will occur at the end of the second cycle of contraception.

Am I protected against the risk of pregnancy?

Women taking birth control are still protected against the risk of pregnancy. However, those taking hormone therapy prescription to delay period will continue to use contraception such as condoms. The treatment does not protect against the risk of pregnancy, hormones present in the tablets simply adjust the hormone levels to delay the onset of menstruation.

How to take the treatment?

To delay your period, take the treatment three days before menstruation begins. One tablet three times a day is necessary the first three days before the onset of menstruation. Thus, they do not start. You continue to take three tablets a day until the day you can have your period. Bleeding appear two – three days later. Your period will not be heavier or more painful than usual. Just remember not to delay your period more than two weeks for your health.

Are there unwanted side effects?

Like all medicines, hormone therapy in order to delay period can cause side effects. This is fairly rare because the treatment is in low dose, however, it can happen. The most common side effects are headache, nausea and even depression. The worst may include thrombosis, jaundice and headache.

How to buy a treatment to delay its rules online?

In making the order, you will complete a medical consultation so that our doctor can write prescriptions for this treatment and ensure that it is not dangerous to your health. Thereafter, the order will be sent to our licensed pharmacy who will send you the authentic treatment in an envelope discreet and confidential UPS within 24 hours.