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What is Paludrine/Avloclor?

The travel pack Paludrine / Avloclor provides ideal protection against the malaria parasite when going abroad. The pack contains two different antimalarials that, taken together, constitute a good defense against disease. The active agents of the two drugs halt the spread of the parasite in the body, before it enters the liver. You can buy Paludrine / Avloclor via our service. To ensure that the treatment is safe and suitable for you, it is necessary to complete a medical questionnaire online.

What are the advantages of the Paludrine / Avloclor pack?

The pack Paludrine / Avoloclor offers a dual action against parasites. The combination of both treatments is usually prescribed to people traveling to areas of low risk where the most dangerous of the malaria parasite is absent. Paludrine Avloclor treatments are gentle, which means that the risk of side effects are reduced.

How does it work?

Chloroquine phosphate tablets in Avloclor attacks malaria parasites as they enter the red blood cells and prevents their multiplication. Weak and few, the parasites become vulnerable to defense mechanisms of the human body.

Proguanil hydrochloride in the tablets of Paludrine also prevents malaria parasites to multiply by targeting an enzyme involved in reproduction.

Who can buy the pack Paludrine / Avlocor?

Tablets Paludrine / Avloclor are considered to be safe for adults over 18 years. However, you must ensure that there is no indication-cons for your health when viewing online. The treatment is not suitable for the elderly, or those who suffer from psoriasis or renal failure. If you have any neurological or blood, you are allergic to any ingredient in the treatment it’s not recommended to buy it and our doctor will advise you another treatment.

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