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What is Norethisterone?

The Norethisterone 5mg is a prescription hormone whose role is period delay. It works in the body so as to adjust the hormone levels to enable it to avoid triggering your bleeding by delaying a few days. It is the decline in the rate that causes the detachment of the uterine mucosa (and hence period). By readjusting the Norethisterone will help delay period for several days.

You can buy Norethisterone 5mg via our service safely. Before submitting the order, consult with our doctor online to ensure that treatment is not cons-listed for your health. Thereafter, the order for this treatment will be sent directly to our pharmacy partner, legal and licensed, which will ship your package in a discrete envelope via UPS.

What are the advantages of Norethisterone 5mg?

The Norethisterone will give you more control over your cycles. In low dosage and convenient to take, it brings you some comfort in your life as a woman.

How does Norethisterone work?

Norethisterone will act on the estrogen and progesterone. Its active agent prevents the uterus to release the lining of the uterine wall (which cause period). Thus, your periods are delayed. You will get the return of your period stopping treatment.

Who can buy norethisterone 5mg?

If you are over 18 years and are healthy, you can follow the treatment with Noresthistone 5mg to delay your period. Since women are already using contraception (pill, for example) can not take the treatment.

What are the possible side effects of Norethisterone 5mg?

Side effects of Norethisterone are quite rare because the treatment is in low dose. However, some women may experience some, that will disappear fairly quickly. Most common side effects of Norethisterone are headaches, nausea or mood swings. The most serious are thrombosis, migraine, or jaundice.

How can I buy Norethisterone 5mg online?

You can buy Norethisterone after an online consultation. This confidential consultation will ask you to answer some basic medical questions so that our doctor ensure compatibility with your treatment. This process is fast and Norethisterone 5mg will be delivered to you the next day, when your consultation is approved by one of our doctors.

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