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What is Intrinsa Patches?

Intrinsa is a treatment for female sexual dysfunction consisting of a patch, where a regular dose of testosterone is released into the bloodstream to increase libido and energy levels. Intrinsa is a treatment for female sexual dysfunction consisting of a transdermal patch that can be put directly on the skin. The treatment balances the hormonal imbalances by restoring low levels of female testosterone. A regular dose is released into the bloodstream to help women enjoy a more satisfying sex life. Intrinsa come in packages of 8, 16 and 24

Intrinsa is a transdermal patch used to treat female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The treatment balances the imbalance of hormones in the body to restore libido and energy levels. Women who buy Intrinsa Patches online in UK and use the treatment for an extended period, could expect a gradual increase in libido. In a clinical study reported 74% of women receiving treatment that they experienced a more satisfying sexual intercourse and 56% of participants said they also had an increased sex drive.

Intrinsa is available in packs of 8, 16 and 24 You can receive the treatment delivery the day after you complete a free consultation with us, which only takes a few minutes to fill out.

How does the treatment?

Intrinsa patches can be used for several days at a time. The patch is placed on the skin, usually on a discrete area of ​​the body, such as the abdomen. The patch release is a slow and regular flow of testosterone into the bloodstream, which stimulates libido and energy levels. The treatment is intended as a long term solution for women suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Who can use this treatment?

Testosterone patch is suitable for women who have a low sex drive and either both of the ovaries or uterus removed, or have gone through menopause. Intrinsa patches can also be used by women who treat low libido with estrogen treatment.

The treatment is not recommended if you have suffered from heart disease, liver or kidney disease, or suffer from diabetes, as testosterone may lower blood sugar levels.

How do I use the treatment?

The use of Intrinsa, follow the included instructions carefully. You should use a testosterone patch at a time, in a clean, dry, hairless area of ​​skin, usually the lower abdomen below the waist. You must replace the patch every third or fourth day, which means you need two patches per week.

If you have not experienced any changes in your condition after three to six months of treatment, consult your doctor.

What are the side effects of Intrinsa patches?

Reseptbelgate medisner can affect people in different ways. Although a side effect has been reported, this does not mean that it will occur, among other users. Some of the most common side effects of testosterone patches are the following:

  • Rash
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Redness

If this happens, it is recommended that you put the patch in a different place, in addition to using a little lotion to soothe irritated skin. If you experience serious side effects, you should discuss this with your doctor.

How can I buy Intrinsa patches?

The treatment can either be issued by your GP, or you can order it online to save time. offers a free online consultation, which is similar to the process you go through with your doctor. Instead of answering the questions directly to your doctor, you give us only medical information that remains confidential between you, our doctor and our pharmacist. Your doctor will send a prescription for Instrinsa to the pharmacist if he thinks that you are likely to take the treatment, which will then be sent to you. . .

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