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What is Evra Patch?

Evra is a birth control patch that is effective as traditional contraceptive combination pills, or so-called birth control pills. A p-patch will help you prevent unwanted pregnancies by supplying the body estrogen and progestin, two hormones that work together to prevent pregnancy in three ways. Evra P-patch is a long-lasting contraceptive. This means you only need to use Evra patch three weeks per month to have complete protection, even in the week you are not using the patch. You need to replace the patch every seven days, which some women consider to be a more convenient method of contraception than having to remember to take pills every day.

You can buy Evra online here via our service after you have completed completely free of charge consultation. This consultation is treated by our doctors in full confidentiality and will only be examined by our medical team to ensure your safety during treatment. Your doctor will determine whether this is the best treatment for you, but if treatment is approved, your doctor will prescribe prescription sent to our pharmacy. The pharmacy will then send Evra right to your home or to your nearest post office in discreet packaging.

What is the advantage of using the Evra patch?

Evra birth control patch provides 99% protection against unwanted pregnancy. This allows you to relax, even without the everyday worries of having to remember to take the pill. All you have to do is remember and replace the patch every seven days to maintain optimum protection. Hormonal contraceptives do not protect against STDs, so if you change partners and practice unprotected intercourse, it is wise to use a condom.

How does the Evra patch work?

Evra patch works the same way as the combined pills, but instead of taking hormones orally, the p-patch add these through the skin. The combination of synthetic estrogen and progestin will affect normal body cycle, so you can stop ovulation. Evra patch will also increase the thickness of cervical mucus, making the sperm not penetrate.

Who can use this contraceptive?

Most women can buy Evra birth control patch online, but it is important that you mention in consultation with our doctor if you are taking any other medications or have any underlying health problems, as this may affect whether you are suitable for contraception. Your doctor will be able to offer you another method of contraception if this is the case. Mini-pill is among others a gentle and good alternative.

Who should not use the P-patch?

You should not use birth control patch if you are pregnant, nursing or if you are allergic to any of the components of Evra. If you have had or are at risk for blood clots, high blood pressure, heart attack, migraine, or high cholesterol, your doctor will recommend that you use another contraceptive.

How do you use the patch?

Evra patch should be used only for three weeks per cycle, then one week of rest. You will be equally protected, even during the period you should not use the patch. If you start contraceptive therapy on the first day of your cycle you will have the optimum protection immediately.

The first day you apply the patch will be the day you will change every month. Write this down on a calendar if you’re afraid you’ll forget it.

You should apply the p-patch on the rump, upper portions of the arms, upper back or stomach. This is part of the body is unlikely friction and reduce the likelihood that the patch will fall off. Wash and dry the application site before applying the p-patch.

Evra patch will not affect your everyday activities, even bathing and swimming, if it stays around the edges. If it starts to loosen, you can only push it back into place.

After seven days, it is important that you remove the p-patch and apply a new one right away. To avoid irritation of the skin may want to switch application site each time you insert a new one.

Can there side effects be?

Side effects occur very rarely with the use of contraceptives, but birth control patch cause any side effects, these are often mild and usually goes quickly. The body often need to adapt the supply of hormones in the Evra patch.

The most common side effects are headache, nausea, fatigue, mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness or abdomen. If persistent side effects, we recommend that you contact our patient support or a local doctor.

Can I buy Evra patch online?

Yes, it is possible to buy Evra patch online here via our service. We understand that women need to have different choices and contraceptive services easily accessible. We hope therefore that we can help you find the right contraceptive for you and your body.

Contraceptive patches are prescription in UK, and therefore must carry out online consultation so that our doctor will prescribe Evra patch. Your doctor will examine your information to determine whether this is the best contraceptive method for you. If you are not approved, your doctor may recommend another option that is tailored to your medical history. When your doctor prescribes medication it will be sent to our pharmacist who then sends Evra patch directly to your home or to your nearest post office.

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