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What is Diarrhoea Pack?

Traveler’s diarrhoea is unpleasant and embarrassing that affects between 20 and 50% of people who travel abroad. In view of these figures, it may be interesting to know that there is a solution: the traveler’s pack against diarrhoea. It limits the symptoms and shortens the duration of the disease. Traveler’s diarrhoea usually appears in countries where sanitation and hygiene are of lower quality than those to which your body is adapted. To have the best chance to eliminate the disease, you must make sure not to drink contaminated water. For this, it is best to buy only filtered water or bottled water. You also need to eat food that you are sure it was prepared properly and hygienically.

The pack against traveler’s diarrhoea is available online via our service. Just sign up for a free, confidential medical form so that our doctors can see the treatment is appropriate for you and they can issue a prescription. If this is the case, the pack against traveler’s diarrhoea will be shipped by our pharmacy and delivered the day after your order.

What are the advantages of pack against traveler’s diarrhoea?

The products included in the pack against traveler’s diarrhoea will give you the means to fight the disease effectively, while reducing troublesome symptoms almost instantly. Getting sick in a foreign country can put us in a very restrictive situation, so it is better to have such treatment, reducing stress and anxiety that can cause disease.

What does traveler’s pack include?

There are four treatments in this pack against diarrhoea. The first, the Ciproxine, is an antibiotic that reduces the duration of the disease. The active agent, ciprofloxacin, target bacteria isolated and prevents their reproduction. The Imodium is a inside the intestinal wall to allow the body to better absorb fluids and nutrients, which reduces the discomfort of diarrhea. The Imodium also prevents dehydration.

The Buccastem is a drug that acts against vomiting and nausea. Finally, the Dioralyte easily allow to re-hydrate: they contain sodium chloride, sodium citrate, potassium choride and carbohydrates. These minerals help your body rehydrate after diarrhea.

What is the dosage of these treatments?

The Ciproxine is a high-dose therapy. One tablet should be taken early in the morning, followed by another tablet 12 hours later. You should take two tablets of Imodium at the first sign and then one tablet after using the toilet. The Buccastem must be used 2 times a day until you have more nausea.

What are the possible side effects?

Medications such as those contained in the pack against diarrhea are generally considered very safe, although there is a low risk of side effects. Here is a list of the most common: dry lips, transient insomnia, irritation of the tongue, mouth, skin reaction, jaundice, constipation, intestinal cramps, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, paralysis of the intestines, taste disturbance, hyperactivity, anxiety, sweating or even vision problems.

If you have more serious side effects, consult a doctor.

How to buy the pack against traveler’s diarrhoea?

The pack is available at our service. All you need to do is fill out a medical form online so that our doctors can determine if the package against the traveler’s diarrhoea right for you before you get prescription. This requirement will then be sent to our pharmacy who will send medication. If you are going traveling soon, you may be pleased to learn that we deliver the day after your order so that you can enough time to get it.

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