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Mini-pill is an ideal option for women who can not use regular birth control pills, or who experience side effects associated with use of the combination pill.

Mini-pills are a form of oral contraceptive used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. A common myth is that the mini-pill is the same as regular birth control pills. This is because the name “mini-pills” can be misleading.

Mini-pills are a completely different product than regular birth control pills. The main difference is that the mini-pill contains only one hormone, synthetic progestogen, while oral contraceptives contain both estrogen and progestin. Since it contains only one hormone, reduces the risk of side effects.

Mini-pills are not as effective as regular birth control pills, and pill must be taken every day at the same time throughout the year without a break. This is a frequently used method of contraception for women over 35 years and for women who for various reasons can not use the regular birth control pills.


Cerazette is a relatively new contraceptive containing only progestin, and will therefore result in significantly fewer side effects than many other contraceptives. This makes Cerazette a very good option for women who either can not or want a contraceptive that contains estrogen. This mini-pill prevents ovulation, and will give you optimal protection against unwanted pregnancy.
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The main advantage of mini-pills is that they are a milder form of contraception, and thus less risk of side effects. Although mini-pill will give a smaller effect, there is less likelihood of health risks than the use of combination pill, or so-called birth control pills. There are many situations where you can not use regular birth control pills, when you are breastfeeding, have diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure or if you are over 50 years.


One of the main disadvantages of the use of the mini-pill is that they do not control menstruation.
This means that your period may be irregular as you take mini-pills, and that you do not know in advance how powerful your period is going to be.

Another drawback, especially for women with busy lives, that one must be very careful that the medicine is taken at the same time each day. If you do not get the medication to be less effective. The use of the mini-pill can cause breast tenderness.

How does the Mini-Pill work?

Mini-pill works in two different ways. This makes cervical mucus thicker and stickier, which makes it difficult for sperm to get through. In addition, the progestin make the wall of the uterus becomes thinner, making it harder for the uterus to keep a fertilized egg. Most of the mini-pill does not stop ovulation, some birth control pills often do. However, there are newer types of mini-pills that can stop ovulation.

How effective is the mini pill?

Mini-pills are not as effective as regular birth control pills. If you want to compare the effect of something, it’s about as effective as using spiral. Mini-pill is only effective if you use it at the same time each day during your period you will be protected from unwanted pregnancy. If you forget to take a pill, or if you take the mini-pill irregular ceases to be effective.

When should you use mini-pills?

You should not use the mini-pill if you suffer from liver cancer, or have had breast cancer, if you are overweight, difficult to take the pill regularly and at the same time each day, suffer from serious blood disease or if you suffer from vaginal bleeding.