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P-ring will give you long lasting protection
P-ring will give you freedom from worry and unnecessary procedures. You only need to change the ring out once a month.

P-ring is a relatively new option for women who do not want to remember to take the pill everyday. Like the p-patch, contraceptive ring releases low doses of synthetic estrogen and progestin. P-ring is a small, thin, flexible ring that you insert into the vagina once a month. Then let it sit for three weeks, followed by a week of rest before you insert a new vaginal ring. This contraceptive will give you long lasting and carefree protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Contraceptive ring NuvaRing is currently used by approximately 1.5 million women, making this a very popular alternative to the traditional birth control pill. That’s exactly why we have chosen to make this product available here via our service. This is a prescription birth control, and you have to pass whole online consultation with one of our registered doctors. It will then be sent to our pharmacist who sends it on to your nearest post office or directly to your door.

NuvaRing is a vaginal ring that is placed into the vagina once a month. This makes it a popular alternative to traditional contraceptives. NuvaRing contains a smaller dose of estrogen, which makes this a good option for women who are bothered by side effects from birth control pills. Studies show that NuvaRing can help to minimize the pain and reduce the risk of pelvic inflammatory Evolution, ovarian cysts, and uterine and ovarian cancer.
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How does a P-ring work?

NuvaRing works in much the same way as a combination player. P-ring releases estrogen which prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs, and the hormone progestin makes the cervical mucus becomes thicker. This makes it difficult for sperm to penetrate into the uterus.

How to use a P-ring

A vaginal ring is a very simple method of contraception to use. All you need to do is to enter the ring once a month. It will sit for three weeks, followed by one week break before putting a new one.

To insert the p-ring in the vagina push the ring together between thumb and pointer finger, and brings it gently into the vagina. To remove the ring, drag the bottom edge of the ring with a finger, or holding the ring between the index and middle fingers, while you pull it out slowly.

The position of the ring does not matter as long as it is in a position where it is comfortable to you. P-ring is as effective no matter where you place it in the vagina. This means you can take out the ring and put it back if it would feel uncomfortable or to adjust it.

What is the advantage of using P-ring?

The main advantage of NuvaRing birth control ring is that it gives you 99% protection against unwanted pregnancy, and you only need to replace the ring once a month, and that you can put this in and take it out. This makes the p-ring a good option for many women who find it embarrassing or uncomfortable to do so by your doctor.

Unlike many other contraceptives which either must be removed by a doctor (spirals or p-rods), or not removed at all (injections), you can easily remove the p-ring if you are unlucky enough to experience side effects. This makes this contraceptive unique, and gives many women a sense of control and security.

NuvaRing has been shown to help with such problems as acne, menstrual cramps, and can offer protection against the development of pelvic infections, ovarian cysts, and uterine and ovarian cancer. Most women do not notice NuvaRing when they have sex. If you feel discomfort during intercourse, you can easily remove it, as long as you do not take it out more than three hours as this will reduce protection.

Are there any disadvantages with the use of P-ring?

There were cases when the NuvaRing has fallen off. Muscles will hold the p-ring in place, even if you exercise or bathing, but the accident happened. If it falls out, and it is not gone more than three hours, you can easily wash it with lukewarm water and reinsert it. If the contraceptive ring has been out longer, you can late in again, but use the extended protection (condoms) for seven days.

If you want to buy more C-rings, for further protection, you can keep unused p-rings in the refrigerator. Rings will expire after four months if they are not stored properly. You may want to buy three months’ consumption at a time.

P-ring, for some women cause discomfort in the abdomen and side effects can occur. NuvaRing contains a higher dose of hormones, which means that the risk of side effects is higher than other contraceptives. If you are sensitive to the use of contraceptives, you should tell this to our doctor or check out our other options, such as the mini-pill.

What side effects may occur with the use of P-ring?

NuvaRing in some women can cause abdominal pain, Smet in the vagina, itching in the genital area, decreased sex drive or weight gain. Very rarely, women may experience vision problems, dizziness, mood swings, swollen belly, pain and bleeding during intercourse or urination, back pain and muscle spasms.

Is it safe for me to use the P-ring?

If you have previously reacted to the use of high doses of estrogen and progestin that one will find in regular birth control pills should not take advantage of p-ring. If you are vulnerable or have had heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, high blood pressure, heart valve or heart rhythm disturbances, you should not use this contraceptive.

You can buy on-call online here at our service, but p-rings are available only by prescription, so it is necessary that our doctor examine your medical history that you provide by completing our online consultation. It is very important that you provide all relevant diseases or medications you take advantage of that may be affected by or affect the use of p-ring. The doctor will then determine whether this is the best contraceptive for you and your body.