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Hormonal contraceptives are the most convenient and effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancy. The combined pill (the usual pill), mini pill, birth control patch and vaginal ring gives you almost 100% protection against pregnancy and are used by millions of women across Europe. The wide range of hormonal contraceptives means that you have the ability to choose the best contraceptive for you, and your body.

Oral contraceptives, like birth control pills and the mini pill is still the most popular contraceptive means even if more and more women today are using other methods of contraception like birth control patch and vaginal ring, which is at least as effective as traditional methods.

Here we offer the most popular and effective contraceptive methods available in Europe. You can buy everything from the pill and mini pill, the contraceptive patch and vaginal ring. In addition, you can order emergency contraception, also known as a pill, or so-called day-after-pill.

You can easily navigate your way to the contraceptive that best suits you. All you need is to choose the contraceptive method and conducting an online consultation before the doctor will decide whether this is the right option for you and your body. The doctor will then prescribe the prescription and send it to our pharmacy which sends it directly to your home.

Combined Contraceptive Pill
Combined Contraceptive Pill or so-called birth control pills, is the most convenient and safest way to avoid pregnancy. The pill provides a nearly 100% effective protection, and is used by millions of women around Europe. There are many different products on the market. The most important thing is that you find a contraceptive to suit your body and lifestyle.
Treatments: Yasmin, Microgynon, Mercilon, Marvelon, Dianette
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Mini-pill is a form of oral contraceptive used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. A common misperception is that the mini-pill is the same as the pill. This is a myth that comes from the name “mini-pills”, but this is misleading. Mini-pill contains only progestin.
Treatments: Cerazette
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Contraceptive Patch
P-Patch is an alternative form of hormonal contraceptive containing both estrogen and progestin. By using the same hormones found in regular combined pills (oral contraceptives), you will have peace of mind of knowing that you have constant protection without the added burden of taking a pill every day.
Treatments: Evra patch
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Contraceptive Ring
P-ring is a relatively new option for women who do not want the extra burden it entails having to remember the pill everyday. Like the p-patch, contraceptive ring releasing low doses of synthetic estrogen and progestin. P-ring is a small, thin, flexible ring that you insert into the vagina once a month, so you do not have to get help from health professionals to change. This contraceptive will give you long lasting and carefree protection against unwanted pregnancy.
Treatments: NuvaRing
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Emergency contraception
Most people will at some point experience the condom breaking or forgetting to take the pill. When the incident is out, it might be nice to know that there is a solution. Pill, or so-called emergency contraception can be used right up to 3-5 days after the same rent to avoid pregnancy. If you are not sure that you have been protected, you can easily order one of our two products; ellaOne and LevonElle.
Treatments: ellaOne, LevonElle
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