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Asthma is a respiratory condition characterized by chronic symptoms bothersome breathing. This is an extremely common disease, people who suffer have great difficulty breathing when they are in direct contact with irritants, which causes an “asthma attack”. This is caused by narrowing of the airways that restricts breathing air. Treatments against asthma, such as nebulizers, are used by millions people with asthma.

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Ventolin is a unique treatment for inhalation for the relief of asthma symptoms before or at the onset of signs of a crisis. Ventolin opens the airway and relax the muscles of the lungs, in order to regain normal breathing and even reduce inflammation of the bronchioles. Ventolin is used when the patient needs it, one or two inhalations help patients avoid a crisis or to stop it.
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What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the airways and alveoli of the lungs. Symptoms of asthma are multiple, cough, wheezing, breathlessness, chest pains that occur most often at night or early morning. These symptoms are commonly called an asthma attack

Most people with asthma and its symptoms are born with it, although some people can develop asthma during their lives, this is often due to an external factor to which they are sensitive. It is often said that people whose mothers smoked during pregnancy have a greater chance of developing asthma. Children who have not been too exposed to irritants that cause asthma attacks may subsequently suffer when in contact with them.

What are the causes of asthma?

When a person with asthma comes into contact with irritants like pollen, smoke, or inhale fine particles (dust, powder) or any other component that could cause a reaction of the bronchial muscles located in the lungs, then it can be subject to an asthma attack. This happens when the tubes connected to the lungs, called bronchioles, narrow and restrict the supply of air to the lungs. This problem is also compounded by the fact that bronchioles inflamment growing and production of mucus clogs the airways even more.

In these cases, treatment against asthma is used to try to prevent these inflammations and to help expand the airways during an attack.

What treatments are available against asthma?

Growing up, most children with asthma do not suffer more and are more prone to symptoms. However, this is not the case for everyone: some continue to live with and others develop disease in response to external factors. However, there are treatments against this unpleasant condition and sometimes stressful.

Treatments against asthma require a nebulizer to prevent or relieve an attack. The so-called preventive must be used daily to reduce the sensitivity to respiratory irritants. Those intended to relieve an attack that act by relaxing the airways to allow air to flow normally. Both methods can be combined for maximum efficiency. These treatments do not cure but reduce asthma symptoms and relieve attacks. In severe cases, a doctor may even prescribe steroids in pill or injection to allow faster relief and stronger effect.

Can I order treatment against asthma online?

This is possible at our site. After free, confidential and easy to access online consultation, we may send you treatment against asthma treatment you desire. You need simply answer questions so that our medical doctors ensure that the treatment we offer, Ventolin, is appropriate for you. If no contraindications can be reported, the treatment will be delivered to the address you want within 48 hours.